Pages You Must Have for Successful Niche Websites

May 7, 2019

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Did you know that there were specific pages you must have for a successful Niche Website?

What is a website? According to the definition of a website is a connected group of pages on the World Wide Web regarded as a single entity, usually maintained by one person or organization and devoted to a single topic or several closely related topics. Here are your Must Have Pages for Successful Niche Websites so you can better understand what pages you need at different stages of your business.

Pages you must have for Successful Niche Websites

A website can be a one page website or a multi-page website.

Usually a one page website will not have any blog posts as blog posts require additional pages to function. Nevertheless, a one page website is crucial if you want your audience to find you on the web.

Most websites will have several pages even for simple ones.

However to have a converting and profitable there are a few pages that you must have.

Let’s go over the one-page website, core pages, uplevel and advanced pages.

One-Page Website

A one page website can be a great way to start your online presence while you build your
multi-facet site.

To be effective, your one page website MUST contain the following:

  • A header with a short sentence describing what the website is about and who it is for.
  • An opt-in form to build your list (can be an opt-in freebie or an invitation to sign up for a newsletter).
  • A section about your niche –  who the website is for and how you are proposing to solve your ideal client’s problem.
  • Your services or offerings.
  • Who you are. A bio is a must as people need to know who you are before doing business with you.
  • Testimonials and social proof.
  • A way to contact you.
  • Terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimers.
  • Copyright information.

There you have it. All the information you will need on one page! And have a top menu for the
user to be able to jump from one section to the other without having to scroll through the page.


Core Pages - Or Starter Website Pages (Minimum Viable Website)

These are the pages you absolutely must have on your site. These are called the core pages
and all Professional multi-page sites must have those pages in place.

  • Home Page. This page can be a static page or a blog page. Or a combo of both.
  • About Page. This page will talk directly to your ideal customer and introduce yourself as the most amazing person to solve your ideal customer’s problem. This will of course feature your bio and perhaps some fun facts about you.
  • Work with me page/Services. This page is where you will outline what you offer as a service or showcase different ways your ideal customers can work with you. For example you can offer different coaching tiers, online programs, calls or through services you offer.
  • Blog. This is where you will see a list of your blog posts as well as a way to select what category of posts your customer may want to read.
  • Single Blog Posts. This is where you will expand on what your business is about, write cornerstone content and attract your ideal customer to your site. These pages are where your blog posts or articles are written. You can have videos, text, graphics on that page. You can also use this page to upsell your services, invite your customers to opt-in for your newsletter and to give you their email address.
  • Archive Page. This page is a search result page based on a chosen category or tag.
  • Contact Page. This is a page where your customers will most likely fill-out a form to contact you. It’s a great place to pre-qualify customers by asking them to select different options. It is also a place where you can tell your customers how to find you, where to find you and hours of operation.
  • 404 Page. Most people tend to forget about the 404 – or not found page. This page is a landing page for pages that are not found on the site.
  • Privacy Policy, Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions Page(s). These pages are there to explain to the viewers how you do business with you and in what terms.

Uplevel Website Pages

Once you have your core pages in place, you will probably want to drive traffic and build your list. Building your list is the single most important activity you will want to do in order to sell your products, programs and services online.

  • Opt-in page (Lead-Magnet or Landing Page). This is where you will propose a free offer in exchange for your ideal customer’s email address. This page will have a form that is linked to your third party email marketing service such as ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp or any other service you prefer.
  • Opt-in thank you page. This page is where the customer will land once they have opted-in to receive your free offer. It can be a simple message such as “Please check our email for the information you have requested.”
  • Short Form Offer Page. This is a small product or service you offer for sale. Usually less than $20 for a tripwire program up to $97 for a small program. This page will explain what you offer and how it can benefit your ideal customer.
    This page will have a purchase button linked to Paypal or Stripe. You can also use a third party service such as SamCart or ThriveCart for the transaction. You can also use an eCommerce plugin such a Woocommerce. Some website services such as, or do offer an integrated way for your customers to be able to checkout.

Advanced Website Pages

Once you do have your core pages and uplevel pages in place, you may want to expand your online business with these additional pages:

  • Webinar Opt-in Page. Unlike a freebie page, this is a page where your customer can sign-up for your webinars. You will then also add to your growing list of potential clients and be able to remind them when they need to hop on the computer and learn from you.
  • Webinar Opt-in Success Page. Your customer need to know that their registration has been received and that they are now able to attend your webinar.
  • Long Form Offer Page. This is a sales page for your upper-level offers. Your upper-level offers can be courses, products or retreats that are selling for a higher price. Usually at those investment levels, you will want to use a longer form sales page to cover everything so that the user can make a purchase decision right there.
  • Purchase Success Page. This can be also used with your Short Form Offer Page or your service purchases. This can be a generic page guiding your client as to what comes next and to thank you for their purchase.
  • Shop Page. This is a page where your customers can have an overview of all the
    products and programs you have to offer. Just like a brick and mortar shop, this page is a shop display where they can make their selection.
  • Miscellaneous Pages. Depending on your business, you may want to have a press & media page, a specialty page, a free training or resources page. You can also showcase success stories, your company’s philosophy and how your roll, case studies or a Start Here page.
  • Membership Hub. Again depending on your business structure you may want to have a member-only login area where your client can retrieve their purchases or access your membership. This can be one page or several pages depending on the complexity of your business.

You can add as many or as few pages you need. However always keep in mind that simplicity is the best. Too many option will always leave the customer confused and leaving your site.

We can help you get your Website launched without overwhelm. Check out our Done For You Websites here.

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Picture of Hi! I'm Sonja Bannon

Hi! I'm Sonja Bannon

Founder of Daring Design Co, I create Done For You WordPress Themes, Templates and Systems for Health & Wellness Coaches. I use simple tech so you can scale with ease. Dare to launch your dream business! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Picture of Hi! I'm Sonja Bannon

Hi! I'm Sonja Bannon

Founder of Daring Design Co, I create Done For You WordPress Themes, Templates and Systems for Health & Wellness Coaches. I use simple tech so you can scale with ease. Dare to launch your dream business! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

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